Best Selling Photo

December 29, 2011

I’ve learned my lesson.

A few weeks ago the Wisconsin Badgers beat #1 seed Ohio St. in an epic display of dominance. We returned the kickoff for a touchdown and I was worried the Student Section was going to collapse on me while I was taking pictures due to every Student jumping up and down so hectically.

I knew at the end the Students were going to rush the field, so I lined myself up for a shot of the Students rushing right at me. It was a terrible idea in hind-sight. One Student collided directly into me, knocking me over and my camera case off my back. A long range 55 – 300mm lens I had was completely crushed by the onslaught of Students rushing by me. I didn’t even get any really good pictures of the rush.

Needless to say, I’ve learned my lesson.

The Northwestern game was for the Big Ten Championship title. We were up 70-23 (seems more like a basketball score) and I knew the field would once again be rushed. This time I positioned myself at the top rear of the Stadium, where the lighting is best and the stampede is minimal. The picture I got became the 2010-2011 Best Seller on

I’m thankful I had that Ohio St. game as a practice in where not to be when the field is rushed.