Getting in the habit of Test Driven

No-one likes to finish a big feature only to go back and spend a day or two adding tests. With Test Driven Development (TDD) not only do you not have to worry about that false high and come down when you realize you have to go back and add tests, but you can ensure you … Continued

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Using Immutable to update complex objects

Imagine you have an object with structure: As for a “real world” example, we can display the object like this. Now imagine that we need to revoke someones access to launch a nuclear missile. The *publish* boolean has to be set to *false* on token.state.rights[1]. If we’re using React’s default *setState* function, that could look … Continued

Engineering, Immutable, Javascript, React

Testing Stripe webhooks with ngrok

I have an application that has a 30 day free trial and I need to do specific logic when an account is “activated” ie. their card gets charged for the first time. Do I really need to build and deploy a new development server every time I want to test a webhook? Currently, I can … Continued

ngrok, Stripe


One of the big tasks since I joined niolabs was coming out of stealth and showing the world about our product. The existing site was built in WordPress using the “Divi Theme”. We had one engineer dedicated to the development of our new WordPress theme. Four weeks in, they had hit a wall implementing … Continued

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Did I turn the Stove off??

Building a Stove Top sensor with nio We’ve all been there (some maybe much more than others). You’ve left home for a long weekend of camping, relaxing, taking in nature and enjoying the wildlife and this creeping voice in the back of your mind starts pestering you asking: “Did I turn the stove off??” You’re … Continued

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Building a Unique check with React

Shopify has a fancy instant Front-End check when registering a new store to make sure the name is unique before you even submit the form. I wanted to build this as a React Component for a new project I’ve been working on. What we will be building The React Component The first step is to … Continued

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Using Authy for 2FA

The Problem: Storing a User’s Social Security number in your database is one of the most sensitive pieces of information you can store. We needed to make sure the data was not only encrypted and secure, but that if an admin’s account were to be compromised, there were security measures in place to prevent the … Continued

Cybersecurity, Tutorials

Reservation System

The Problem: Kickfurther Co-Op’s are launched at 5PM EST on a first-come first-serve basis. This means the majority of Kickfurther’s web traffic is hitting the site at 5PM trying to make a contribution before the funding limit is reached. The previous system would allow a user to choose a number of packs and then take … Continued


Using Envoyer for Deployment

The Problem: For every deploy that was done to Kickfurther all user sessions would be destroyed. That means every-time one line of copy needed to be changed all users would be kicked out and forced to login again. If a company was in the middle of filling out their Co-Op information and uploading images and … Continued


Let’s Encrypt

Last week the Let’s Encrypt initiative entered the Public Beta stage offering free SSL Certs for all!

I took the hint and made SSL the default on my site using their handy letsencrypt-auto command.

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