Leveling up at Galvanize

So I won’t have to be couped up in the apartment all day I am currently working in the Denver Golden Triangle location. Galvanize seems like a great way to meet people with similar interests. There are a lot of cool companies working in this space as well which makes for good networking opportunities.

Coworking, Meetup, Remote

Setting up a self-hosted Git server

How I created a GitLab server for my company to host their repositories on, and how you can to.


StartingBlock Madison

My good friend Scott Resnick was named Executive Director of StartingBlock Madison. StartingBlock will be a community space for my generation. It will have several components, including Sector67 a “hackerspace”; gener8tor, a business accelerator; the Doyenne Group, an organization devoted to helping women entrepreneurs; and Capital Entrepreneurs, a 300-member organization of leaders of Madison area startups.

Design, Non-Profit, Press Release

Inline Calendar on your phone’s Keyboard

Sunrise has debuted a new app, Meet, which offers an inline keyboard to choose time-slots to send out to decide on a time to meet.


NASA’s Landsat Satellite Images on AWS

NASA is harnessing Amazon’s Scalable Storage Service (S3) to dump their satellite imagery to make it available to the public and MapBox is utilizing the imagery with their software to offer a map of the worldWith every pixel captured within the past 32 days Landsat-live features the freshest imagery possible around the entire planet.“.

Mapping, Open Data

Drone fun with Node.js

Certainly one of the most interesting meetups I’ve been to featured how to fly your drone with Node.js.


Myo Armband

I got my Myo today! I funded it almost two full years ago and has now made its way into production.

Crowdfunding, Wearable Tech

The Internet in Real Time

This “real-time” website shows just how connected our world is. Blink and you’ll miss 30,000+ Facebook posts!


Twilio MMS

Twilio now supports MMS! I cannot think of a better way to demo a feature than an auto-mustachifier.


Open City Data Census

Open City Data has come a long way in a very short amount of time. When I created Map Crimes I wished there was more data available from other cities and that the data feeds were uniform. It’s well on it’s way.

Open Data