Madison Food Cart App

Food Cart App:

I love Food Carts and Madison has quite the variety. Working so close to the Capital, I would say I eat at a food cart 75% of the time I go out for lunch. My favorites are Good Food and Bubble’s Doubles.

Working with Street Vending Coordinator, Warren Hansen and Alderman Scott Resnick, we have built a website that maps the locations of each individual food cart, allows you to filter by search and/or day, since food carts will be at different locations based on the day of the week. We’ve incorporated menu items for each cart so users can quickly see which food cart offers what, a brief description of the cart and whether or not the cart accepts credit card. This last one was a feature many users found especially useful.

The goal of the project is to provide a unique login for each Food Cart Vendor to use to be able to manage information about their cart as well as their menu and photo gallery.

We are also working on a public feature where users will be able to post any menu updates (pending approval) or photos about the cart, in case the vendor hasn’t updated it yet.