Vanta Commercial Properties

Full Stack Responsive Design

About the Project

Vanta Commercial Properties is a premier commercial real estate company, with a portfolio that consists of over 2.5 million square feet of commercial office and retail space with a wide range of options. Vanta required a redesign from its' former T. Wall Properties brand.

My Role

I developed a custom WordPress theme build on roots that allowed Vanta to distinguish themselves from T. Wall. The website features an in-depth property search map, with all data editable in real-time from the CMS.

The Middleton commercial real estate firm long known as T. Wall Properties LLC has changed its name to Vanta Commercial Properties in a bid to differentiate itself from residential developers of multifamily and single-family projects with similar names.

Vanta Commercial Properties, now sporting the tagline or company slogan of “Imagine It,” has a portfolio of more than 2.5 million square feet of commercial office and retail space, according to a company news release. It has more than 250 customers in Dane County.