Virtual Mosaic

Virtual Mosaic

Virtual Mosaic:

“Donors can buy themselves a piece of the entrepreneurial hub StartingBlock — virtually, at least.”The Cap Times

I’ve had this idea floating around for a few years now and finally had the perfect reason to build it. StartingBlock Madison is a new building on Madison’s near-east side, with the purpose of becoming a community co-working / meetup space. They were looking for a clever way to raise funds without just calling people and asking for a check. They got the renderings of the building and the official floorplan. We thought, “It would be cool if people could purchase space in the building, like how organizations sell actual bricks with your name engraved in them.” But seeing as there will be no actual bricks in the building, we needed to come up with another solution. Virtual Blocks satisfies this because it allows users to participate in that space in a fun way.

Once the mosaic is complete we will be printing out a high-resolution image to hang in the common space. That way those who contributed have truly made an everlasting donation.

Open Source

The code is up on github for other organizations who want to do the same.